Multimedia Lab

One mind. Two hands. Four devices.

The hyper connected consumer is a challenge for marketers. Tracking ad effectiveness across several devices can be difficult.  Understanding how the consumer processes information and makes decision is an even greater challenge.

The Multi-Media lab was set up to conduct multi-screen studies. We are currently in the R&D phase and developing suitable methodologies.

Cross Media Effectiveness

A study that aims at exploring if and by how much the ad effectiveness of a campaign is boosted when digital and mobile media are added to a traditional media mix.

Cross Media Ad Conceptual Framework Study

In Conventional Ad models, Ad effectiveness depends on the ability of the ad to grab attention, engage with creative execution, and persuade with relevant messaging.  A Cross Media Ad Effectiveness Model, however, is focused on how media elements come together to increase Ad Effectiveness.

We propose that the following four processes are important in creating a synergistic cross media
effect on Advertising:


Consumers deploy different strategies to block out ADS in different media.  By using multiple media devices, the chances are increased that the AD will find a way to break through selective defenses. 


Consumers interact and process information differently in different media. If the ad has good breakthrough in each different media, it implies that the ad will have been processed in multiple different ways, leading to stronger impact. 


Each media is “available” to the consumer at different times during the consumer journey, thus multiplying the occasions when a consumer may be interested in the ad.


Memory recall is likely to be stronger when a consumer sees a message in multiple different media contexts.