Lab Resources

6000 sq. ft. Research Lab

A lot of the behavior on the web is automatic and pre-conscious. Hence, for real insights it is important to observe behaviors on the web and then ask questions. Scientifically designed studies in the lab are almost always followed by a qualitative phase provides the kind of understanding that is not easily duplicated by other research methods. The C3Research Weblab has several research suites such as a Group Lab with 24 computer stations, Viewing room with live view of the computer stations, Focus Group rooms, a Multimedia Lab, and a Retail Lab. Ph.D. level research directors direct most of the lab studies. Sophisticated conceptual frameworks and analytical methodologies are used for rigor and relevance in research design.


Lab technology includes the latest generation Eye Trackers from Tobii, Biometrics and EEG, several tilt and pan cameras in each research suite, and projectors with writing capability. Lab sessions can be webcasted live anywhere in the world. Test website development, and rapid prototyping, survey programming is done in-house.

Global Research Capabilities

Research studies are conducted worldwide using partner facilities around the world. We have set up
and conducted research studies in the UK, Germany, Nordics, Brazil, Mexico, India, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Australia etc.