Design Lab

New e-Products / New Business Models


The Internet offers many untapped opportunities for new e-products and new online businesses.  The objective of the Design Lab is to help companies innovate and solve critical problems by developing online services and deploying internet of things.

Designing e-Products is part science, part art, and part collaboration! Researchers, Creative Designers, and Marketers work together to do rapid concept development and prototyping based on consumer research in the lab.

The process is iterative and uses innovative research methods to problem solve as well as create ideas with consumers. New product concepts are generated and tested on the fly. Working prototypes are developed, tested, and revised quickly. The focus is to converge to an optimal solution through an iterative and collaborative process.

Concept Generation in the Design Lab


The Design Lab has unique resources and methodologies to brainstorm with consumers, identify need gaps, and generate creative solutions.

Such ideation exercises can be used to even improve an existing e-product. Cost comparison tool for healthcare, interactive POS design, and apartment comparison grid – all have benefited from the Design Lab.

Case Studies in Rapid Prototyping/Concept Testing

Hospital System

Hospital Website: From an Information Kiosk to a Conversion Tool

The design uses advanced methodologies in rapid prototyping and concept testing to provide solutions for e-product development.


Chip Manufacturing Company