Ad EffectivenessBU

In the AD LAB, we find out where your digital advertising is breaking down in the chain from grabbing pre-conscious attention to building brand preference.


The human eye is a marvel of engineering. It rapidly scans everything in the extended field of vision and signals the brain what to pay attention to and what to ignore. Once attention is drawn to the ad, it has to engage the viewer through relevant messaging or emotionally appealing ad creative. A persuasive message or a likeable ad can both drive brand equity. However, for most effective online ads, both messaging and emotional appeal may be important to drive brand preference. The AEP model asesses online ad effectiveness by tracing the chain of effects from eye gaze to brand preference.

The Game is Over in 1.3 Seconds

The average gaze time on an ad is only 1.3 seconds. Also, only one third of the online ads actually get a gaze (C3Research study presented at the ARF Rethink 2009 conference). The problem is most Online Ads take longer than 1.3 seconds to unpack!

The Eye Tracker Lab is equipped with multiple Tobii Eye Trackers. The Eye Tracker gaze data and heat maps are used to understand how consumers process online ads. The AEP Model is used to optimize ad creative and develop digital advertising strategies.